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Here you can easily and uncomplicatedly the EU COVID digital certificate for your COVID-19 antigen test. The certificate is valid for 48 hours* and is recognised worldwide as a travel COVID certificate.


our free video software used is security certified according to ISO/IEC 27001
What do you need?
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How does the LAIVE test certificate work?

You need an Internet-enabled smartphone or the combination of wireless phone and laptop/PC with camera and audio function.

Furthermore, an approved layman's self-test and your identity card or passport.

  1. You enter your personal data. These are required for the certificate.
  2. You will be connected to your personal LAIVE advisor via video. He or she will carry out a video authentication with you. Banks and insurance companies also use this procedure for video communication with their customers.
  3. Then the LAIVE consultant guides you step by step through the application of your self-test. You write your initials on the test.
  4. You then briefly hold the test cassette of the rapid test in the camera. The system takes a picture of your test.
  5. After 15min LAIVE contacts you again on your phone and asks you to send a photo of your test cassette into the system.

    LAIVE's AI software compares the before/after photos with your initials.

    That's about it.

A few minutes later you will receive your test certificate with the result by e-mail and as a link by SMS.

The small print

As there are no uniform national guidelines in Germany, we strongly recommend that you find out which regulations currently apply in your region before certification.

Especially if you are planning to travel by air, please check whether the airline or your country of travel (link Auswärtiges Amt) requires a PCR test, or whether a certificate of a negative rapid antigen test is sufficient for self-administration.

PCR tests are only available in test centres, laboratories or doctors' surgeries. You will usually only receive the result after 24 hours. Please take this into account in your planning.

LAIVE accepts no liability if the test certificate you submit is not recognised by the examining body due to legal or different regional regulations.

The travel and safety information can be found on this website:

What happens to my data?

LAIVE works on German servers and stores your data only during the creation of the test certificate, or for a maximum of 24h.

Then everything is deleted. Therefore, repeated tests also require you to enter your name, etc. again and again. We have opted for absolute data security by deleting the data and against the convenience of a "customer account".

What happens in case of a positive test result?

In the event of a positive test result, you will subsequently receive information on how to proceed.

If it is assumed that an infection is present, you are most likely infectious to other persons. In this case, it is necessary that you go into quarantine and the recommended measures are carried out in cooperation with the health department.

In the case of a positive test result, a subsequent PCR test is required by law in Germany to determine whether the rapid test was "false positive" or whether there is actually an infection. Since this test is ordered by the public health department, it is free of charge for you. If you have carried out your test abroad, the respective national regulations apply.

As Covid-19 is a notifiable disease according to the Infection Protection Act, we are also obliged, when testing in Germany, to make a notification to the responsible health office and thus initiate the further procedure. You can find the responsible health office on this website:

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Where do we go from here?

You will now receive an SMS (or if indicated an e-mail) with a link to the video connection with your LAIFE consultant who will perform the authentication and test with you.

To be able to establish the video connection, you need to download a small video/audio app -. like "Zoom" or "Teams" - only easier and less complicated. You can also delete them again afterwards. Just follow the link.

Please have the following two things ready:

  1. Your identity card or passport
  2. yours in the original packaging closed Rapid antigen test


That's it. I'll text you later. See you soon.